4 Random things about me

January 4, 2012: The 4th day of Jan 2012, so I thought I would do a random post. Since I am new to the blogging world, I thought maybe sharing some info about myself would be appreciated.

1) I live in Massachusetts now, but I spent 10.5yrs in Florida (worked for Walt Disney World Inc. most of that time)

2) I married a Floridian and moved him to New England. The purpose was; to give our girls the best K-12 education we could at the time. The result is; him suffering through these odd SE Massachusetts Winters.

3) I absolutely love spending time with other women who have the desire to grow themselves both professionally and personally.

4) I am allergic to Pineapple. (This stinks, as it is one of my favorite fruits) You would be surprised how many things contain pineapple that you wouldn't think did. IE...Duck sauce at some Chinese restaurants, and the oddest: Hawaiian Punch.

This was fun, maybe more posts like this in the future. Send me any suggestions on lists you would like to see me post about.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy