Are you ready for a journey or a destination?

January 9, 2012: What do you do to get ready to go on vacation? Pick a destination, make reservations for travel, accommodations and site seeing, pack your belongings, and then go.

How much of the planning gives you joy and happiness. Does the journey TO the destination bring you as much pleasure?

Why is it that we forget to enjoy the time we spend making the plans and getting to our destinations? We seem to rush through these things without giving any thought to how they themselves are part of the journey.

If we want to get more pleasure out of our lives, we have to start paying attention to the journeys we are on as well as the destinations we arrive at.

What will you do today to start recognizing your JOURNEY as important to your growth and happiness?? May I be bold enough to suggest that we all start to log in our journals the many journeys we are on. Then we can look back on the entries, when we get to the destination, to see how much fun we've had along the way. I think we tend to forget the little things that happen along the way, much to easily.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy