Can a cartoon movie provide insight?

January 8, 2012: I was listening to a speech given by Vishen Lakhiani, of FinerMinds, recently and he quoted a phrase from the movie "KungFu Panda". It was "I blind people with the light of my awesomeness".

This got me thinking about how movies, even cartoons, can provide us with a moment of vision/clarity about things we are dealing with. How often do we sit watching a movie and say either out loud or to ourselves "Hmmmm, that's an interesting thought"?

I believe that those moments are the Universe/Spirit/God giving us a glimpse into our own lives from another perspective. They often make us look at things in a way that is unfamiliar to us, which prompts us to move outside our comfort zone. When we are in the space just outside our comfort zone, we are more apt to be moved and do great things. Our comfort zone is just that, a SAFE place. When was the last time you did something amazing and weren't scared to death??

Your turn: Tune in to those random moments in your day that "make you go Hmmmmm?" and see if they can shed some light on a situation/issue/concern you are dealing with right then. Allow yourself to be guided by a higher power.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy