Do your goals affect your happiness?

January 7, 2012: I heard a speaker say "don't tie your happiness your goals".

Your happiness should be self sufficient, not dependent on any one person or thing. If you tie your happiness to one "thing" then you have the potential to be disappointed by that "thing".

Our goals should come OUT OF our happiness, not be the CAUSE OF it. When we are happy, we are more in tune to set better and effective goals. Meeting those goals will add to our happiness, which in turn will allow us to create more goals.

Your turn: Think about starting your day with a Gratitude Journal. List 5 things each morning that made you happy/grateful during the previous 24hrs. They can be as simple or complex as you choose them to be. Please allow me to share mine for today.

Family (immediate and extended) Friends (in-person and on-line) Pets (I have 6 cats and a 9mo old Great Dane Puppy) The opportunity to run my own business (freedom) Mentors/Coaches (learning never stops)

My hope is that you can take time each day for 30 days and write down your gratitude list and see how much your happiness quotient increases compared to this moment.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,