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Welcome 2012

January 1, 2012: WOW, the beginning of another new year. Have you set any "New Year's Resolutions"?

Are they the same ones you set last year?? My guess is that many of them are!

Why is it that we associate Jan 1 with new beginnings? We have the power in ourselves to create new starts at any time we choose. Most of the time our resolutions go unmet, and for good reason. We don't make a PLAN for SUCCESS! The old saying "if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!" is truer than many of us want to admit.

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Hello Blogging World

December 30, 2011: Well, I guess its about time that I jump with both feet into the pool of blogging. SO, as I begin this journey, I intend to provide useful tips and strategies along the way. Sometimes it may be a link to another blog I think you will find useful or interesting, other times it will be something that has come up in my work that I want to share with you.

Today's Tip: Be grateful for all that has been part of your life in 2011. Even the bad times have been of purpose to you. Once you can be
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Titus 2 Coaching launches new website

December 8, 2011: Titus 2 Coaching is proud to release their new website. Dyrene Bell, specializes in helping women to create manageable plans for their lives while still having time and energy left to do the things they desire. As a mother of two, and a high achiever, Dyrene knows what it takes to be “in-control” rather than “just getting by”. In addition to helping women find balance and fulfillment in their lives, Dyrene is passionate about supporting women in becoming the powerful beings they truly
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