Private 1:1 and Group Premium Coaching
Imagine having time centered, devoted and fully committed to you and developing a manageable plan for your life. Better yet, imaging having that time with a coach who truly understands where you are coming from, has worked through these same concerns in her own life, and has helped others to do the same…

I love nothing more than the intimate, laser-focused time spent with my private and small group-coaching clients. This is a high-level commitment that gives you the most individualized attention from me. The power of the results we can achieve is simply amazing, and I take care to design the curriculum to the specific needs, outcomes, and desires of each client. You’re supported and mentored each step of the way, as you learn new strategies and techniques to effectively design and implement the choices you make during our sessions.

Here is a sampling of some of the outcomes you can achieve through our coaching:

  • Create healthier relationships with friends and family
  • Learn tips on how to create a manageable and streamlined schedule which allows time for your true desires
  • Produce a plan for consistent self-care practices
  • Find the true purpose and meaning for your life
  • Develop your ability to maintain a positive focus regardless of the situation at hand
  • Learn to effectively manage your energy so that you remain fueled and ready for anything that comes your way
  • Find greater satisfaction in the decisions and choices you make on a daily basis
  • And much more…

My Private One-On-One Platinum Coaching and Group Platinum Programs are delivered utilizing a combination of regular private coaching sessions, VIP "intensives" on key topics, private and group retreats (in-person and/or virtual), strategically customized teaching modules, ongoing email correspondence, and monthly action and accountability journals.

Acceptance as a Private One-On-One Premium Coaching Client or to a Group Premium Program is by application only. For further information and to request an application please email or call 508-802-8571.

Tele-classes, Webinars and Workshops
As someone that loves to talk and teach, I love to host Tele-classes, Webinars, and Workshops at various times throughout the year. The topics will vary from Time Management to Mindset to Creating Balance and many more.

The easiest way to stay informed of what new programs are coming up (including how to take advantage of these opportunities) is to stay connected via my Free E-zine "Live by Design. You can sign up to receive the newsletter above, along with the OTHER items in my "Take back your Power" Sanity Kit (designed to give you information you can act on immediately to create powerful movement in your life).

Jumping into a Tele-class, Webinar, or Workshop is an easy way to kick-start momentum in your life and to enjoy the support of like-minded women who are not only great resources, but will hold you accountable to be the best that you can be!

Client Testimonials


I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Dyrene "got" me and my problems. I was uncomfortable speaking with anyone about some of my deeply personal... ~ Dianne M. Read more »


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