What does your location mean to you?

What’s up on Wednesday??

Hi folks, so what’s up here this Wednesday is that we might actually see some snow today and tomorrow.  Now, where I am specifically in Mass. is not expected to get much more than a few inches, but it’s been “snow-free” for over a month.  I moved back to Mass. from Fla. because I LOVE the change in seasons.  This winter has felt a lot like a Florida winter, definitely NOT a Massachusetts one.

We’ve only broken out the snowblower once, and that was only a measly 6″ of snow.  It was heavy snow and the blower made quicker work than shoveling would have.  Sad part is that the snow was totally gone in less than a week.

Is there something about the location you live in that makes it different/special from other places?  Why did you choose there?  Where we live says as much about us as the jobs we hold, and the friends we have.  Is your hometown/state saying the right thing about you?    Do you dream of living somewhere else, or being a part-time resident?  Do you want to start taking action on making that happen and need help?  I can help.

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Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,



Control – Is it controlling you???

Mindset Monday:

Good Monday Morning Folks!!  I noticed this past week that there are a lot of people (both men and women) that like to be in control.  What is it about control that attracts us?  Why do we resist someone else having control in a situation?

I was at a party the other day and more times than I can count, someone got defensive about a comment that was innocently made.  We can not control the way other people think about us or what we’ve done.  Think about how hard it is to control your own reactions to things?  What on God’s green earth makes us think that we can control this kind of situation??  People make an honest observation, and we automatically start defending our position (exerting our control over the interpretation of it).

What would happen if we LET other people have their thoughts and feelings without us trying to force our view on them??  I bet they and we would be a lot happier and less stressed.  So, let’s try stopping the next time we notice our urge to control something (conversation, meeting, spouse, friend, or child).  Take a deep breath and ask yourself why you feel the need to control it.  Sit with the feeling for a moment and let it pass through you.  Acknowledge that it arrived and shoo it on it’s way.  No need to hang onto such a negative thought.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when we MUST be in control of situations.  For example, I am teaching my 16yr old daughter to drive.  There are times when I MUST step in and instruct her on the proper response or technique, otherwise we could be in serious trouble.  But, there are times when my fear (of being a passenger) has to be put in it’s place and I have to let her learn her way.  This is the only way she will learn the appropriate response for herself.  So YES, there is a time for control, I just think we use it way too much for our own good.

Give it a try, let go of something you’ve been trying to control and feel the freedom it gives you from being controlled by it.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


What would you do for ……?

If you could fill in the blank with anything you choose, what would it be?  What is the thing you dream about?  Is it a house on a lake?  a mate?  children?  friends/family?

Now, what would you do to get it?  Many of us know what we think we want, but until push comes to shove, we don’t know what we would do to get it.

I had a wise teacher once say “if I told you there was $2million for you across the country, what would you do to get there to claim it?”  SO, what is it that you are willing to do to claim your dream?

If you need help finding the way to claim your dream, I offer a breakthrough session for finding out what that way is.  Simply visit my website www.titus2coaching.com to claim your free gift.  There is no obligation, simply my gift to you.  (by showing you how to find your way, I get to live my dream of helping others)

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy