Friendship: Mail a Thoughtful Card



When was the last time you browsed through the card section at your local pharmacy or super store??  The choices are amazing these days.

I love to read them and think of people that I know.  But, that’s usually as far as I have gone.  I typically don’t and haven’t taken that thought all the way to fruition.  I have to wonder why not.  If a card makes me think of a certain person, why don’t I buy the card and send it to them??  It’s not that I don’t care about that person, so why do I stop and not follow through??

I have to guess that there are a few reasons.  The first one to come to mind is that “my friend is too busy to bother”, and then I think that maybe I’m too busy to write in the card, address the envelope, put a stamp on it and walk to the mailbox (go to the post office) and actually send the card.  HMMMM??

I recently was going through a box of papers {more on that later this week, (hint!)} and found 3 cards that I had bought for certain people, addressed the envelopes and then never wrote them out or mailed them.  SO, OK, this is not a new resistance for me.

My challenge for you today is to go to a store, pick out a card, write it out, address it and mail it.  I am going to do the same thing.  I have a friend that I miss dearly and haven’t taken the time she deserves to reach out to her, so NOW IS THE TIME!!  No Excuses!!

To building your friendships!

Self-Care: Make a Bucket-List

Balancing Self Care


We’ve all heard of “Making a Bucket List” but have we truly taken the time to think about and make one of our own??  I doubt it.

Most of us feel too busy to take the time to do something so “frivolous”!!  But I want to share with you the impact making such a list has had on my life.

When I thought about doing this my first thought, was “Who am I to make a list like this?”  After a short period of thought, I turned around and said “Why Not Me??”  So here we go.

The process I went through to actually make the list was odd for me.  I started with the things that I knew were within my reach.  Then I started thinking a little bit outside of my own reality.  I started asking myself, what things were others doing that I read about that made me think, “Ooo, I want to do that some day!!”

Lastly, I started dreaming about things I never thought I would be able to do in my life.  This list includes things like, Taking a year to drive cross country with my family, and spending a month in Europe seeing the sights.

So, I challenge you today to start thinking about the things you would want to do before you die.  You are only alive for a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things, so what do you want to accomplish and what do you want to be remembered for??

To your Dreams and Desires!!

Fitness: Add Weights to your Routine

Women fitness

Once you get started with a fitness routine that you enjoy and are actively participating in, you might want to step up the intensity to work your body a little more.

One way to do that is to add weights to your routine.  There are many different ways you can do this and I definitely recommend seeking out some guidance from a knowledgeable person.  Here are a few of the ways I do this.

  • Carry hand weights
  • Use ankle weights
  • Use wrist weights

Now, I don’t use them for every activity, I use them once a week on my cardio days to add a hint of muscle strengthening.  You do need to take care that you are doing it properly for your body style and fitness level.

Every person responds differently to any given activity, and it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to working out.  Get the advice of a Doctor and/or Personal Trainer that has “YOUR BEST INTEREST” in mind.

To your increased strength and stamina!!