ARGHH, I am out of control

Is your schedule out of controlHave you ever felt this way??

School is going to be starting again here in Massachusetts very soon.  (2-3 weeks, depending on where you live)  I am already thinking about the changes to my work schedule that need to be made to accommodate the new schedule my girls will have in High School.

What are you doing to prepare or adjust for the new schedule that fall brings??  Maybe your kids are all grown and this time of year isn’t an issue for you any longer??  Do your days just seem to run into each other, and you lose track of what you’ve been doing and why??

Take some time this week to focus on yourself and what you need from your schedule.  Maybe it’s more free time with the family/spouse, maybe its alone time, maybe you need to spend more time volunteering?  Whatever it is you’ve been missing, go ahead and schedule it in your calendar.

Next Tuesday August 21st at 2:30pm, I am hosting a FREE teleseminar called “Scheduling Secrets”.

I invite you to join us!!  CLICK HERE for details and to register for the class.  It will be fun and you might learn a new trick or two about making your schedule work for you.

*SEE* you there!!

To your Happiness & Joy,


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