Faith: Have a get-together


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When was the last time you made plans to fellowship with other believers?  Do you tend to wait for someone else to “make plans”?  Why not take the reins and make plans yourself.

When we make plans to get together with other, we are gifting them the time to connect and relate to others.  Some people feel very uncomfortable making plans while others of us are “Master” event planners.

No matter which category you fall into, you should be watching for the opportunities God puts before you to fellowship with others.  It could be a “small group bible study” or meeting for coffee and snacks after Church.

Keep your eyes and heart open for those chances to get together that present themselves over the next few weeks.  Summer is a great time for informal gatherings, and a great chance to get to know each other a little better.

Marriage: Couple’s Devotional

As a couple, do you take time together to study and worship the Lord as such?  Marriage is a like a braid, and God is our Third Strand.  It is Him that keeps us bound together.  Two strands are easily separated, but three are more difficult.


When we take the time to study, worship and pray together, we allow the other to see our weaknesses and allow them the privilege of lifting us up to the Lord.  Sometimes the best thing we can do for our spouse and our marriage is to pray for them/it.  It takes work, and some days it’s not going to be easy.  We have to acknowledge that we are doing it because we have been “told to”, on those days when we don’t “feel like it” or “want to”!!

Finding one that helps and encourages both of you is a vital key to creating this habit.  If it tends to lean in one direction or the other, then it is possible that one spouse might feel threatened and that is not the goal of doing this together.  Go online to a Christian bookstore like and search for “devotions for couples”.  Most of the time you can read an excerpt of the content to determine if you both find it useful.

Set aside some time this week to think about starting a new journey together with a new devotional.  May you be blessed by this effort!

Faith: Connect with others

Women Friendship

As women, we are designed to be connected to each other.  The average woman speaks over 10,000 words per day.  Men on the other hand speak much less.  This explains a portion of why we connect better with other women.  We fill a mutual need.

When we take time to connect with other women, we are again filling an innate need.  We need to have those connections to help us feel complete.  If we ignore this need, we will eventually find ourselves slipping into a depressed state of mind.  We, as women, like to know that we mean something to another person.  We are encouraged by each other as much as we are lifted up by them.  By supporting and spending time with other women, we are able to meet a need that men, by design, can not meet.

So, take some time this week to connect with someone.