Fitness: Add Weights to your Routine

Women fitness

Once you get started with a fitness routine that you enjoy and are actively participating in, you might want to step up the intensity to work your body a little more.

One way to do that is to add weights to your routine.  There are many different ways you can do this and I definitely recommend seeking out some guidance from a knowledgeable person.  Here are a few of the ways I do this.

  • Carry hand weights
  • Use ankle weights
  • Use wrist weights

Now, I don’t use them for every activity, I use them once a week on my cardio days to add a hint of muscle strengthening.  You do need to take care that you are doing it properly for your body style and fitness level.

Every person responds differently to any given activity, and it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to working out.  Get the advice of a Doctor and/or Personal Trainer that has “YOUR BEST INTEREST” in mind.

To your increased strength and stamina!!


Fitness: Move More

Women fitnessHave you ever started a fitness plan and then got off track?  It is easy to do, to say the least.  Rather than starting with a plan that is too difficult, try increasing the amounts of movement you make with your routines.

This is probably the hardest yet the most important key to achieving your fitness goals.  What is being found is that steady movement throughout the day is better for your body than one long burst of intense exercise.  The sedentary lives we tend to lead allow our bodies to fight against us.

SO, I am not challenging you to go out running all day.  Can you find a way to get some type of movement in each hour?  Maybe stand up and march in place while you take a call (even in a cubicle this should be possible), maybe walk the long way to the water cooler or bathroom in the office.  Be creative, but get moving more.

Let us know what you’ve come up with to increase your daily movement.

Self-Care: Schedule “ME-TIME” Daily

I know earlier I advised you to start with 5-min a day, but have you put it on your calendar or to-do list yet??

Why bother you ask??  Well, we tend to put things that are important to us on our schedules, therefore, if your self care is important, it deserves a spot on your calendar/to-do list.  If you skip this process of scheduling time for it, then you will have an even harder time making it happen.

We can never “find time” to do things, we have to “MAKE time” to do them.  It is our nature to devote time to the things we enjoy and the things we need to do.  SO, when is taking care of yourself going to fall into one of those categories??  Don’t wait till it’s too late.

If you need support and suggestions on how to do this, enter your email address her to get  my “Take Back your Power – Sanity Kit” and see some of the ways I suggest for doing so.